Surrender Policies

Moving from your lap to ours

We receive regular calls and emails regarding the surrender of stray, feral or cats that were “dumped” on properties.  We are a re-homing organization.  We focus on re-homing well-established and sociable family pets.  The health and well being of our guests is our top priority.  We will NOT introduce unknown illnesses and diseases into our sanctuary by accepting guests whose health is questionable.  

Because we are a small private sanctuary and receive no public funding or taxpayer support, we are and can be selective. 


When we do have openings, here are the

guidelines for surrender.

  • We cannot accept feral or stray cats.
  • Unfortunately, we do not accept kittens under 4 months old.
  • We cannot accept cats that were “dumped” on your property.  We will not risk the health of our guests by introducing unknown diseases or health issues.
  • We are not veterinarians.  We cannot accept injured or sick cats.
  • We cannot accept pregnant cats or nursing mothers and their kittens.
  • We have never had great success placing senior cats over 10 years of age.  For this reason, we cannot accept them.
  • Overweight cats may require a higher surrender fee.
  • Arkansas State laws requires any cat in our sanctuary over three months of age to be spayed or neutered and have a current rabies shot.  We do play by the rules.  We MUST have this documentation from a licensed veterinarian.
  • Because our sanctuary is totally cage free, any new guest must be non-aggressive, friendly towards other cats and well socialized with people.

A Cage-free sanctuary with a NO-KILL guarantee is an expensive endeavor.

 Surrender Fees


  • Senior cats over 10 years:  $200 with a recent health certificate.
  • Adult cats (9 months to 8 years old) that have been spayed or neutered:  $125
  • Young cats between 6 months and 9 months:  $75
  • Kittens that are 6 months old:  $60
  • Kittens between 3 and 6 months:  $40
  • Our limited space and resources prevent us from accepting kittens less than 3 months of age.

We reserve the right to return any cat or kitten if we find it to be aggressive, overly shy or not socializing well with our other guests.  80% of the surrender fee will be refunded. 

 The Blue Moon Difference

Many publicly funded shelters may not allow you past their intake desk.  We welcome guests and visitors.  When you surrender your cat to our sanctuary, you are more than welcome to inspect every inch of our facility.  We are totally cage-free.  Ask questions.  Look around.  If for any reason you are not comfortable with what you see, there is no obligation.

After you surrender your cat to us, we accept full responsibility.  Your surrender fee covers any and all medical needs and costs, updated rabies shots, vaccinations, de-worming, flea and ear mite treatment, veterinarian visits, surgeries, and any diagnostic tests and medical treatments necessary until they are adopted.  All of our guests are fed premium food.  Our shelter is cleaned and sterilized daily.  Our sanctuary is very warm in winter and totally air-conditioned in summer.  No guest is ever let outside.

Every guest is given very personal one-on-one attention.  We carry them, hold them, sing to them and play games with them.  Your cat moves from your lap to ours.