Shelter Statistics

Being a private sanctuary, the Blue Moon Cat Sanctuary is not funded in any way by any public or government entity.  We operate solely on surrender fees, adoption fees, private donations and grants.  Our intake and adoption numbers rival any large public taxpayer funded shelter.  In many ways, we do much more with only a small fraction of the funding that public places receive.  Naturally the cats and kittens surrendered to us are our first priority.  NO expense is spared when it comes to maintaining their health.  Our cage-free, home-style environment also assures our guests are as well socialized as they can be.

Since we first opened our doors in 2008. it has been a labor of love and a commitment to operating the best private sanctuary in the state.   Following is a year by year record of our successes.

Year          Euthanized                      Returned to owner            Adopted

2008                     0                                                                                  54

2009                     0                                                                                  123

2010                     0                                               1                                 108

2011                     0                                                                                   145

2012                     0                                                                                   176

2013                     0                                                                                   323

2014                     0                                                                                   604

2015                     0                                                                                   552