Adoption Policies


The Blue Moon Cat Sanctuary has had more than 2,200 adoptions.  When a family’s cat or kitten is relinquished to our care, we pledge to the surrendering family our commitment to their wishes.  We ask as many questions as we can to determine the right new home for our guests.  With the surrendering family’s guidance, we place our guests in homes that will be compatible with the new family’s expectations as well as the cat’s unique personality.   If you choose to adopt one of our guests, we will ask questions.  Each cat is unique.  Each family situation is different.  Do not be offended if we say, “no.”  The adopting family is expected to comply with our expectations and the wishes of the surrendering family. 

Adopting families must be able to:

  • ·         Have the financial ability to provide proper veterinary care.
  • ·         Never allow de clawed cats outside.
  •       Provide a home environment where no one in the family has any allergies to cats.
  • ·         Spay or neuter their kitten as soon as age-appropriately possible.
  •       Have a lease agreement that allows pets if renting.
  • ·         Provide proper nutrition, clean fresh water and sanitary living conditions.  
  • ·         Comply to all local and state regulations regarding regular rabies vaccinations.

Our Low Adoption Fees:

  • Young domestic unaltered kittens that are too young to be spayed or neutered:  $65.00  This includes a pre-paid voucher for either spaying or neutering, a rabies shot and nail trim.
  • Adult mixed breeds that have been spayed or neutered:  $65.00
  • Purebred or specialty cats or kittens: $75.00 and up.
  • De clawed cats or kittens:  $85.00 to $125.00
  • Purebred with registration papers: $135 and up.
  • If you adopt one of our guests from our Internet web site, we will gladly deliver for a donation or meet you half way.  We can only provide this service (weather permitting) from the beginning of April through November.