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Pumpkins Baby



After a long wait, I finally checked in to the shelter here.  Now I understand what all the fuss is about.  WOW!!!  This place is heaven.  I’m the newest one here, and my shelter mommy and daddy seem to think I’m about the smartest one too.  They think I can understand what they will do, what they’re saying, and even what they’re thinking.  Well…they’re right.  I know that I should run around the room in circles with my tail in the air when they say it’s snack time.  As soon as they bring out the vacuum cleaner, I’m under the couch even before they turn it on.  And I know to find my favorite place on the couch to sleep, even before they kiss us good-night.  All those brains and I’m only a year old.  Just think….by the time I’m two, I’ll be helping you with your computer problems.  My adoption fee is only $55.  To make things better, I have even been neutered and am up to date with my rabies shots.  Just call 479-677-3021.