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     Our main home-based Adoption Center is open most days from noon until 6 PM.  It’s always best to call ahead.   

Emotional Support Pets?

Our surrender policies here at the Blue Moon have always focused on accepting healthy and very well-socialized family pets.  For the most part we have stayed away from feral, strays and dumpster cats.  Our cage-free and home style environment provides the adopting individuals and families with very well adjusted and affectionate cats and kittens.  A very high percentage of our adoptions are to people looking for “emotional support pets.”  We understand the paperwork process can be quite involved and at times lengthy.  Pick your new fur child and we are more than willing to hold them for you.      

  Please watch this short video

Welcome to the Blue Moon Cat Sanctuary of Witter, Arkansas. We are located on Highway 23 in southern Madison County. We are an exclusive, private, NO-KILL cat and kitten sanctuary that provides our furry companions with a home-style and cage-free, loving environment. Because we strive to give our guests the best living conditions possible, we limit the number of guests to a manageable and healthy level. Our list of guests changes very often so check our site regularly. Click here to view current adoptable guests.

We pride ourselves in having very socially friendly cats and kittens. Our adoptions are not limited to Northwest Arkansas alone.  We have found homes for many of our guests in Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Wyoming, Colorado, Washington, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, Oklahoma, New York, Massachusetts, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, as far north as Johnson Creek, Wisconsin, and as far south as Corpus Christi, Texas. Our adoption charges are as low as you will find anywhere. We are truly a non-profit shelter. It is our goal and mission to save as many lives as we can, not to make a profit. We are a caring, NO-KILL shelter and must totally survive on donations and contributions to provide the best food, medical care and living conditions that they deserve.

PLEASE HELP US. We are a tax-exempt, non-profit, 501 (c) (3) public charity, so your donations are tax deductible. Donations may be sent to Blue Moon Cat Sanctuary, PO Box 44, Witter, AR 72776, or through your PayPal account to valleyofthebluemoon@yahoo.com

Across the top of the page, you will also find links to pages that explain our relinquishment and adoption policies, the building progress of our new shelter, several donation procedures, ways you can help by fostering, ways to contact us, pictures of a few past guests, and an explanation of our traveling adoption show. Thank you so much for your support. ♥