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  UPDATED: May 27, 2015

1,761 adoptions since opening our doors



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Ollie 3



Hi, My name is Ollie.  I’m a sweet and very well behaved boy that loves attention and a great neck rub while you hand-feed me my favorite treats.  Think I’m spoiled?  I sure am.  I’m a big boy and because I’m de clawed in front and back, I need to be kept indoors all the time.  You also don’t have to worry about me scratching up your beautiful furniture.  I’m ok with being inside all the time.  One of my favorite pastimes is bird watching.  My second favorite indoor activity is snuggling in your lap while you spoil me.  I have been neutered and am current with all my shots.  For the low adoption fee of only $100, I can be in your lap before the next weekend.  Call 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754. 




Beautiful Blue Eyes

CHEWY 3Difficult to find Siamese kitten

Hi.  My name is Chewy.  At only 6 months of age, you can tell I will be a nice big boy when I stop growing.  I love to eat and the premium food buffet here at the Blue Moon is just my style.  After eating, my next favorite activities are lap napping, snuggling and letting you spoil and pamper me.   I am very people friendly and love to return the affection by following you around the house and getting in your way constantly.  My adoption fee is only $100.  Not too bad for a blue-eyed Siamese that has been neutered, given a rabies shot, FVRCP vaccination, treated for fleas and de wormed.  Call us here at 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754. 




Medium length hair Tortoiseshell

Only 2 years old and about as beautiful as you will ever find.  Hi everyone.  My name is Jennie.  God wasn’t sure what color I should be so he sat back in His throne one day and thought about it.  He decided to give me a blend of all the most popular kitty colors: gray, black, orange and a touch of white.  If that wasn’t enough, he made my soft fur medium in length.  Girls just don’t come any prettier.  Then,  just for a little more frosting on the cake, I have been spayed, tested negative for feline aids and feline leukemia, given a rabies shot, treated for fleas, ear mites and given some good de worming medicine.  All that for the unbelievably low adoption fee of only $55.  479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754



Princess 1


(De Clawed in front)

Just checked in and still a little scared.




Lynx-point Siamese mix

Just arrived from a spoiled and pampered home. 

I lived with a very nice lady all my life.  But she needed to be in a nursing home and couldn’t take me with her.  She wanted the very best for me so she called the Blue Moon Sanctuary.  Now I’m here with some more really nice people and lots and lots of new kitty friends.  I’m still a little nervous because everything is new to me.  Just give me some time and be patient and everything will be OK.  I have been spayed and am current with all my shots and flea treatment.  With the low adoption fee of only $75 and a call to 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754, I can be all yours. 

I have the sniffles right now.  I’m on hold till I feel better. 




I was abandoned and left to wander the streets and parking lots of Fayetteville.   I was hungry and afraid I would die.  The storms were coming and I began to cry for my mommy.  Just when I thought the end was near, a really nice lady named Nancy heard my cries for help.  She came to me, picked me up, held me and made me feel safe and loved.  I will never forget her soft voice and warm arms.  Yes…there really are people in this world who get involved and refuse to look the other way.  But Nancy had other cats to care for so she called the Blue Moon Sanctuary.  Here, I know I will always have a good healthy meal, fresh water and all the love I could ever need.  I have been spayed and am up-to-date with all my shots, de worming and flea treatment.  With the low adoption fee of only $55 and a call to 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754 I can be sleeping in your lap before the end of the day.   

Shelter manager’s note:  Tallulah is a genuine sweet girl.  She is affectionate, loving and would be perfect in a family with young children.  There will be no disappointment with her around. 


Classic seal-point Siamese





Just arrived.  Available now.  Call 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754 for details.


I have my eyes on you…sort of.

So you noticed I’m slightly cross-eyed.  This is a normal genetic trait with true Siamese.

Hello everyone.  My name is George.  I arrived at the Blue Moon Sanctuary the other day.  Naturally, I was a little nervous at first and hid under the couch.  But as soon as I realized I was with a lot of kitty friends and with people who loved me and cared about me, I felt totally comfortable.  I have been neutered  and received an updated rabies shot and vaccinations already.  I am very well behaved, healthy, lovable and sweet.  My adoption fee is only $75.  Can that be right?  I must be seeing things.  Just call 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754.   




3 years old.  Just checked in.




3 year old sweet girl.






I was born in a home situation where there was a lot of yelling, screaming, crying, abuse, drama, and chaos.   The kitties there didn’t get treated much better either.  Naturally I am a little shy and timid.  But the people at the Blue Moon Sanctuary have assured me and taught me to trust people again, be affectionate and friendly.  That’s good, because those things come naturally for me.  I am a very sweet girl, and love men, women and children.  I get along great with other cats too.  I have been spayed and am up-to-date with all my shots and medical things to keep me healthy.  My adoption fee is only $55.  Call 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754.    




A 10 month old natural Manx

Hey…who took my tail?  Who took my tail?

I just arrived here from Oklahoma and right away, these guys are playing tricks on me.  You guys better give me my tail back before I tell my new shelter daddy. 

Seriously, I’m a natural Manx.  If you combine the natural affection of a tuxedo cat with the sociability of a natural Manx, some may say you have the perfect cat.   OK…let’s leave it at that.  I have been spayed, given a fresh rabies shot, FVRCP vaccination and treated for fleas and ear mites.  At only 10 months old, and with an adoption fee of only $75, what’s there not to love.  I am sweet, affectionate and a real lap sitter too.  Call 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754.    





So you think the Energizer Bunny has a lot of energy.  Hey…I can run circles around that guy.  Play time is my favorite time here at the Blue Moon.  I’ll do very well in a home if I have someone my age to play with.  I’m still a little shy around people, but be patient.  Just wait till I warm up.  I am a registered pure-bred Siamese boy and have been neutered and am current with all my shots and flea treatment.  My adoption fee is only $200.  Really?  That’s all?  Just call 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754. 

Registered pure-bred Siamese.







My name is Jenni.  I’m a nice young girl, but a little shy and scared right now.  My perfect family is one that likes well behaved cats who always use the litter box and don’t scratch the furniture or walls.  I will warm up quickly after I feel comfortable so just be patient and give me my own space and time.  My adoption fee is only $55 with a call to 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754.  I have been spayed and am current with all my shots. 





My mommy and daddy could no longer keep me.  When I heard I was going to a shelter all I could imagine was being given an inventory number and a cage assignment.  I was sure I would be forgotten about and never be happy again.  When I arrived at the Blue Moon Cat Sanctuary, my first thoughts were, “Where are all the small metal cages?”  My new shelter mommy called me Sandy.  Then she held me, cuddled me and made me feel loved.  You can’t be serious, I said to myself.  Then she walked around the sanctuary with me and introduced me to all my new friends.  She told me I could sleep on the recliner, on the couch, in the kitchen sink or where ever I wanted to.  OMG  If this isn’t paradise, I don’t know what is.  I have been neutered and am up-to-date with all my shots.  Take your time calling 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754.  My adoption fee is only $55.  

Shelter Manager’s note:  It’s not often we have guests here that have been so well socialized.  Sandy is a keeper.  Great lap cat and wonderful with children.  




(Felinus Maximus)

Our newest mega-cat

1-1/2 years old.


Holy Cheeseburger Batman, we got our selves another Arkansas double-wide here.

When I first arrived here at the Blue Moon Sanctuary, my new shelter daddy took one look at me and ran to the shed to get a saddle.  HOLD your horses I said.  maybe my mommy fed me a lot of bacon cheeseburgers when  was growing up, but let’s just call me well-fed and healthy.  Yes, I’m a big boy checking in around 18 pounds.  True, I never miss a meal, but I also never miss a day of being a big ball of fuzzy love either.  I’m only a year old, have been neutered and am ready to go.  Call 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754.  My adoption fee is only $75. 

May not fit well with other cats or young children in the home

Saddle not included



Doris 1


I prefer to be the only kitty in the house.  After all…what else could you be looking for?  I am a tortoiseshell with a nice combination of all your favorite colors.  I’m not too old and I’m not too young.  I don’t lay around all day but I also won’t be climbing your curtains either.  I’m a sweet lap cat but not overly needy.  I’m 6 years old, spayed and current with all my shots, flea treatment and ear mite medicine.  With an adoption fee oif only $55 and a call to 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754 I’m all yours. 




Only 10 months old

Great with Children

I was abandoned in Branson, Missouri.  It was so cold out side and I was very hungry.  I didn’t know what to do because my mommy was not with me.  Then this really nice lady named Vicky heard my cries for help.  She picked me up, held me, took me to her home and fed me good food and gave me fresh water.  Most importantly she made me feel loved.  But she knew she couldn’t keep me so she called the Blue Moon Cat Sanctuary for help.  Now I’m here with new kitty friends, lots of warm beds and all the love and attention I could ever ask for.  I have been neutered, given a fresh rabies shot, de wormed, and treated for fleas and ear mites.  My adoption fee is only $55.  Call 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754. 




Catch me I’m yours.  8 months old

479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754


Cinderella 1


Snow-white with blue eyes


One of the first of this newly registered breed available in the entire country

Check me out.  I am what you see…a white cat with light blue eyes.  I have just been spayed and am now current with a rabies shot.  I have also been updated with my flea treatment, FVRCP vaccination, de worming medicine and treated for ear mites.  Not a bad deal for the low adoption fee of only $100.  I need a family that will be patient.  I’m a little shy, but if I get a lot of love, I’ll warm up quickly.  Call 479-738-8754 or 479-677-3021. 


   The following new guests recently arrived from a Missouri family.  We are honored to have been chosen to receive these beautiful cats.  Each one is very well socialized, come with recent health certificates and are current on the vaccinations including feline leukemia.    

PD 91314


4 yr old Maine-coon mix


Hi everyone.  We’re husband and wife Whopper and Little mama.  We are married and have three lovely children together.  But our children are grown and on their own now.  Now we want to sit back and enjoy our time together.  Although we’re only about 5 years old, we have been together all our lives and want to be together forever.  We are both very sociable, well behaved, have no bad habits, are very healthy and we both come with Missouri health Certificates.  yes, we have been spayed an neutered, given new rabies shots and vaccinated for feline leukemia.  Our one-time low adoption fee of only $100 for the two of us together, will be the best investment all year.  







May the good Lord be with you down every road that you roam.

And may sunshine and happiness surround you when you’re far from home.

And may you grow to be proud, dignified and true, and do unto others as you’d have done to you.

Be courageous and be brave, and in my heart you’ll always stay forever young, forever young

I’m a one-of-a-kind girl.  Not too often you find a friend as sweet and as affectionate as me.  Most people are looking for the fluffy 4 month-old kitten.  So many want the latest in designer cats: Persians, Siamese, Ragdolls or Maine-Coons.  Trust me.  The gray tabbies like me are loyal, affectionate, super friendly, loving and devoted.  I love people, being held, sleeping on your lap and snuggling with you at night in bed.  With the low adoption fee of only $55, I will be the best investment you ever made.  I have been spayed and am current with all my shots.  Call 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754.    


 Courtesy posting


Garfield 1


Two  year old boy

Boots 3


4 year old boy

Hi….we’re Garfield and Boots.  My wonderful mom and dad are not longer able to care for us properly.  We have been loved and pampered all our lives and would make the perfect addition to any home.  We have been both neutered and are current with all our shots.  We love to stay indoors where we can get all the attention we deserve.  Please give us both a new home where we can stay together.  We have not checked into the Blue Moon Cat Sanctuary yet so call Contact Greg or Heidi at 479-251-7546



Afternoons at the Blue Moon Cat Shelter


Nap Time at the Blue Moon Cat Shelter

Now I lay me down to sleep,

I pray this easy life to keep.

I pray for toys that look like mice,

And sofa cushions, soft and nice.

I pray for gourmet kitty snacks,

And someone nice to scratch my back,

For windowsills all warm and bright,

For shadows to explore at night.

I pray I’ll always love to play

From morning ‘til the end of day,

And when the nightly treats are gone,

I pray for just another dawn.


 Arkansas Legislative Act 994 – 20-19-103 requires all kittens to be spayed or neutered after three months of age.





The End.

But check back soon for new guests!