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479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754

  The Blue Moon Cat Sanctuary also has a permanent in-store adoption center at the Fayetteville PETCO Store.  Six selected guests will be there at all times, ready for immediate adoption.



  UPDATED: September 18, 2014

1,400 adoptions since opening our doors



Please help us help Marley.  Marley has been diagnosed with a tumor in his ear canal.  It has not been determined if it is cancerous or not.  An appointment for a second opinion has been made.  The surgery needs to be done to save his young life.  We will not let this little boy die, however it has already been estimated that the medical expenses will approach $2,200.  Please help us with this.





As soon as I arrived at the Blue Moon Cat Sanctuary I greeted my new shelter mommy and daddy with lots of purrs and hugs.  They told me I was the perfect boy and it was going to be a pleasure to have me here.   Yes, I am the perfect boy.  Just look up the words affectionate and loving in the dictionary and you should see my pictures too.  I get along very well with everyone here.  My favorite times are when you give me lots of loving, petting, back rubs and let me sit in your lap and snuggle with you in bed at night.  You could not ask for a better boy in your home.  I am very well behaved, have no bad habits, am neutered and current with all my shots to keep me healthy.  For the low adoption fee of $55 and a call to 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754 I can be the best new addition to your family. 

Shelter manager’s note:  You won’t find a sweeter or friendlier boy than Warrior.


Mariel 2


Tortoiseshell Just checked in 1 yr old and ready.



Calico Japanese Bobtail

Hey…who took my tail?  Who took my tail.  I just check in to the Blue Moon Sanctuary and already these guys are playing tricks on me.  Actually, I’m a natural bobtail.  Our special breed makes us unique in the kitty world.  What I don’t have on the back end, I make up for it on the front end.  I am sweet, affectionate and very lovable. I love belly rubs and neck rubs too.  I settled in here very quickly.  I have been spayed and given new rabies shot and vaccinated.  I would love to be sitting on your lap while you hand-feed me my favorite tuna treats.  My adoption fee is only $75 with a call to 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754. 

Me love you long time. 



Unregistered silver and black striped Bengal

All the bling without all the bucks

Available for adoption.  call 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754 for details.  More info to come soon







The following new guests recently arrived from a Missouri family.  These are the first of several more that will be checking in before the end of October.  We are honored to have been chosen to receive these beautiful cats.  Each one is very well socialized, come with recent health certificates and are current on the vaccinations including feline leukemia.    

PD Callie 3



Snowshoe/Ragdoll mix

Hi. My name is Callie. Looking for the perfect cat? This is your lucky day. I’m part Snowshoe and part Ragdoll. Now that’s a combination that’s hard to find. But my beauty is only the beginning. I’m also about as sweet and friendly as you will ever find. Yes, I may take a few days to feel comfortable in a new home, but that’s because I’m only looking for the perfect place to take my naps and the perfect lap to snuggle up in. I’m only 5 years old, spayed, and am up to date with my rabies shot, FVRCP vaccination, deworming and flea treatment. To top it off, I also had a feline leukemia vaccination and come with a new health certificate from my kitty doctor too. With an adoption fee of only $75 and a call to 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754, I can be purring in your ear before the next weekend.


PD Callie 4



PD Charles 1


My new shelter mommy and daddy tried to find the right words to describe me. They call me, well-behaved, friendly, charming and sweet. That’s just the beginning. I’d like to add, affectionate, healthy and darn good looking too. With all these single young girls around here, I’m also very popular. Of course I have been neutered, given a fresh rabies shot, feline leukemia and FVRCP vaccinations, treated for fleas and de wormed. I also have a very recent health certificate from my Missouri home. With an adoption fee of only $55 and a call to 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754, I will be the prince charming of your home before you know it.






What do you get when you cross a Siberian and a Maine-coon?

A.) An 18 pound mega cat that’s as solid as an Army tank.

B.) One of the friendliest boys to check in at the Blue Moon Cat Sanctuary in a long time.

C.) The softest and most plush fur coat you will ever feel.

D.) The perfect lap cat.

E.) All of the above.

The correct answer is of course E:  All of the above.

This young boy is a “Must See.” kind of cat.  It’s not often when we have a guest here that combines all the qualities of the two breeds.  Mr. Kitty has been neutered and given a new rabies and feline leukemia vaccination.  He has been treated for fleas and de wormed.  Mr. Kitty also has a very recent health certificate from his Missouri veterinarian. 

  Mr. Kitty’s adoption fee is only $100.  Call 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754.

Shelter manager’s note:  Don’t pass up this one-of-a-kind guest for your home. 


PD 91314


4 yr old Maine-coon

Just checked in and available with his wife.



Also…meet some of our newest and youngest guests


kittens 62414 1

Sally May

Jasmine found her forever home.  Sally may is still waiting.

We’re sisters…Jasmine and Sally May.  We go together like peanut butter and jelly, cookies and milk, apple pie and ice cream, or pizza and a beer.  We would love to be adopted together so we can play with each other all our lives.  We are sweet, curious, playful, adorable and love attention.  Our new shelter mommy gave us our first FVRCP vaccination, flea treatment and de worming medicine.  For the low adoption fee of only $60 for both (or $35 each as individuals), we’ll be the most fun you had in a long time.  call us here at 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754




5 month old tortoiseshell kitten


KITTEN 6114 #3


4 month old Siamese kitten just arrived and ready to go.  479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754


91614 5 kitten


4 month old registered pure bred Maine-coon.  Just arrived and ready.  479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754.


The perfect Cat



I hear you’re looking for the perfect lap-cat.  Look no farther.  Here I am.  My new shelter mommy and daddy keep telling me I am the perfect cat.  Overly sweet, super affectionate, cuddly, snugly and as swwet as any cat can be.  I have been spayed and am current with all my shots and vaccinations.  Looking for the perfect cat?  Call 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754.  My adoption fee is only $55.  


Here I am sitting in my favorite recliner.  Won’t you join me?





I spent most of my life living with a wonderful woman in Wisconsin.  But when she could no longer keep me she searched all over the country for the best no-kill sanctuary.   Naturally I ended up at the Blue Moon Cat Sanctuary in Arkansas.  The ride here was tiring but the overnight stay at the Holiday Inn was great.  Little did I realize I was really heading for paradise at the Blue Moon.  So what needs to be said?  I am a sweet, affectionate Siamese girl all ready to take some afternoon lap naps at your place.  I have been spayed, am current with my shots and also treated for fleas.  Hope your place is air-conditioned.  I’m not quite used to the warm weather here.  My low adoption fee is only $75.  Call me at 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754. 


Fluffy 5


Fluffy?  Ok…maybe it’s not the most original name for a cat.  Call me something different if you want to.  Just don’t call me late for snacks.  Yes, I am a true sweetheart who love attention, cuddling and lap naps.  It would probably be best if I were the only cat in the house.  I’m just nuts about getting as much attention as possible.  I want YOU all for myself.  I’m young, healthy, spayed, have no bad habits, got a recent rabies shot and my vaccinations are all up to date.  I’ve even been treated for fleas and mites too.  Not a bad deal for the $55 adoption fee. Just call 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754. 



de clawed in front


De clawed in front

My mommy could no longer keep me.  When I was told  I was going to a shelter I was soooo scared.  I thought I’d be stuck in some small metal box for the rest of my life and forgotten about.  Then I arrived at the Blue Moon Cat Sanctuary.  I came in and looked around.  Hey…where are the cages?  All I could see were other guests laying around and enjoying the good life.  Sasha was sleeping on the back of the recliner.  Max and Ruby were stretched out on the couch.  Then there was Mr. Kitty and Sir Charles doing some afternoon bird watching from the extra wide windowsills.  Princess and Gypsy were finishing up a bowl of tuna treats and Thomas J. was chasing a feather toy.  OK…if this is shelter living, I think I’ll do just fine.  Call me sweet.  Call me affectionate.  And don’t forget to call me when it’s laser light game time.  I have been spayed and am current on all my shots and vaccinations as well as flea treatment, de worming and ear mite medicine.  Oh…Don’t forget…I am also declawed in front.  Just call me here at 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754.


MAX 12


My name is Max.  I’m Max the super cat and here I am in my Maxi-pad.  Sweet best describes my personality.  I love a good neck rub, having my cheeks and my chin rubbed too.  I’m just a super kind of boy waiting for the right family to call my own.  I have no bad habits, would do very well with some older children, other cats and maybe even a dog.  OK…not sure about the dog, but I’d give it a try.  Just so I don’t have to share a lap.  I have been neutered and given a new rabies shot, FVRCP vaccination and treated for fleas worms and mites.  With my low adoption fee of only $55.  I can be in you lap by the end of the day.  Call me here at 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754.    


 Ruby 4


Rare tortoiseshell poly-dactyl

Looking for bling?

So many people spend so much time looking for the perfect tortoiseshell.  Yes, we are known for being a little shy at first but after we warm up and feel comfortable we are the perfect family member.  Just to make me more special, I’m also a poly-dactyl or commonly known as a Hemingway Cat…after the author Ernest Hemingway.   He was known to make us his favorite cat.  I like to be indoors all the time and have not been around small children or dogs.  But I am very healthy, spayed, given a new rabies shot and FVRCP vaccination.  Call 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754.  My adoption fee is only $75. 


tigger 3TIGGER


Afternoons at the Blue Moon Cat Shelter


Nap Time at the Blue Moon Cat Shelter

Now I lay me down to sleep,

I pray this easy life to keep.

I pray for toys that look like mice,

And sofa cushions, soft and nice.

I pray for gourmet kitty snacks,

And someone nice to scratch my back,

For windowsills all warm and bright,

For shadows to explore at night.

I pray I’ll always love to play

From morning ‘til the end of day,

And when the nightly treats are gone,

I pray for just another dawn.


 Arkansas Legislative Act 994 – 20-19-103 requires all kittens to be spayed or neutered after three months of age.





The End.

But check back soon for  new guests!