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479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754

  The Blue Moon Cat Sanctuary also has a permanent in-store adoption center at the Fayetteville PETCO Store.  Six selected guests will be there at all times, ready for immediate adoption.


  UPDATED: August 20, 2014

1,385 adoptions since opening our doors



Please help us help Marley.  Marley has been diagnosed with a tumor in his ear canal.  It has not been determined if it is cancerous or not.  An appointment for a second opinion has been made.  The surgery needs to be done to save his young life.  We will not let this little boy die, however it has already been estimated that the medical expenses will approach $2,200.  Please help us with this.



We are truly honored to be chosen among the many no-kill shelters around the country to be asked to receive some of the most beautiful and well cared-for cats around. Due to some health issues, a Missouri couple needs to surrender their cherished fur-children. Some, of as many as 19 of these new guests, will be arriving shortly and all should be here by the end of October. These cats will be accompanied by very recent veterinarian health reports, be either spayed or neutered and will be current with all their shots. Contact us with any questions or if you would like us to reserve one in your name. Here is only a small example of the stunning new guests we will be receiving.

PD Callie 3


Stunning Ragdoll / Snowshoe

Precious 6


Long-hair trotiseshell


Meet some of our newest and youngest guests.





Romeo, Romeo….where for art thou? 

Hey Juliet.  I’m right over here.  Can’t you hear me.  I know I have a big mouth and I’m not afraid to open it up.

Romeo and Juliet are siblings, about 7 weeks old and as sweet and playful as you will ever find.  They have both been given their first FVRCP vaccination, treated for fleas and de wormed.  At the low adoption fee of only $35 each, they can be climbing your curtains before the weekend.     

479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754


cookie 5



With a name like Cookie, you would think I’m a real treat after dinner.  Actually someone had their head screwed on straight when they named me.  I’m a real treat any time of the day.  Love me in the morning, in the afternoon and even in the evening when I cuddle up for a lap nap. I’m just 9 weeks old and have all the energy, curiosity and fun of kittens my age.  I have been given my first FVRCP vaccination, treated for fleas and given some de worming medicine too.  My adoption fee is only $35.  Just call 479-738-8754 or 479-738-8754. 



KITTEN 62414 2


Can anyone guess why my name is Tinkerbell?

A. Zeus and Thor are boy’s names.

B. Barrack was already taken.

C. No one wants a kitten named Stinky.

D. It’s a cute name for a sweet little playful kitten like me.

Yes, the correct answer is D. I’m just about the sweetest and most playful little girl here. Of course I can use the litter box, eat big kitty food, had my first FVRCP vaccination, been treated for fleas and my first round of de worming medicine. With an adoption fee of only $35 and a call to 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754, I can be climbing your curtains before the end of the day.



kittens 62414 1

Jasmine and Sally May

We’re sisters…Jasmine and Sally May.  We go together like peanut butter and jelly, cookies and milk, apple pie and ice cream, or pizza and a beer.  We would love to be adopted together so we can play with each other all our lives.  We are sweet, curious, playful, adorable and love attention.  Our new shelter mommy gave us our first FVRCP vaccination, flea treatment and de worming medicine.  For the low adoption fee of only $60 for both (or $35 each as individuals), we’ll be the most fun you had in a long time.  call us here at 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754







Rare, pure-bred apricot cameo Exotic
(Short hair Persian)
OMG Lock the front door
Look who just checked in to the Blue Moon Cat Sanctuary
Hello everyone. My name is Cammie. As soon as I arrived here all the boy kitties stopped playing and began staring at me. I don’t blame them one bit. I’m pretty and I know it. I’m about 6 years old, been spayed and am current with all my shots. With an adoption fee of only $155,  y’all better call 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754. soon


We are two of the most beautiful girls to ever be on the guest list at the Blue Moon Cat Sanctuary.  Hi…we’re Hanna and Kilala.  We’re sisters and would love to be together for the rest of our lives.  We are only 5 years old so that could be a long time.  But we love each other and belong together like peanut butter and jelly, apple pie and ice cream or pizza and a cold beer.   yes, we have been spayed and are current on all our shots.  We have no bad habits except laying on your lap too long.  Our together adoption fee is only $100.  Just call 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754.








Shelter manager’s not:  The pictures of these two girls don’t begin to show their true beauty.  You must see them in person to realize their stunning looks.  There will be no disappointment with these.  These are keepers. 







Hi everyone.  My name is Paws.  I’m only 1 year old.  My daddy loves me very much but is not able to keep me anymore.   There are some special things about me that make me unique.  I have been having some bladder problems.  My daddy has spent $2,000 for the kitty doctors to make me better.  With most of the problems “behind me” now, I promise to be the best little kitty in the world.  I promise to purr when you hold me, take lap naps in the afternoons and snuggle with you at night.  Can you please email my dad at or call him at 248-495-2829.  There is no adoption fee for me.  I’m also de-clawed in front

Please give me a forever home. 


Is That Right?  No adoption fee for a kitten that’s de clawed in front?






I spent most of my life living with a wonderful woman in Wisconsin.  But when she could no longer keep me she searched all over the country for the best no-kill sanctuary.   Naturally I ended up at the Blue Moon Cat Sanctuary in Arkansas.  The ride here was tiring but the overnight stay at the Holiday Inn was great.  Little did I realize I was really heading for paradise at the Blue Moon.  So what needs to be said?  I am a sweet, affectionate Siamese girl all ready to take some afternoon lap naps at your place.  I have been spayed, am current with my shots and also treated for fleas.  Hope your place is air-conditioned.  I’m not quite used to the warm weather here.  My low adoption fee is only $75.  Call me at 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754. 





White and Orange Maine-coon.  Just arrived from California and available.  Call 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754 for more details.  Story coming soon.



Olive 3


When I was just a little girl,

I asked my mother…

What will I be?

Will I be pretty…

Will I be rich?

Here’s what she said to me…””

Hey girl…forget about the rich stuff.  Of course you’ll always be pretty, but by the time you’re three you’ll also be de clawed in front, spayed, given a rabies shot and vaccinations, treated for fleas and de wormed.  You’ll also be well-rounded, full figured, plus sized, pleasingly plump, and sleeping on the couch while you watch Dr. Phil and Oprah.  With an adoption fee of only $75, what’s there not to like about a girl named Olive?  Just call 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754.  

Olive 4



MAX 12





I’m told I am one of the biggest balls of fur to ever check in here at the Blue Moon Cat Sanctuary. My new mommy and daddy also tell me the family who adopts me will be one of the luckiest around. The first few days were a little rough for me to adjust but by the fourth day I was looking for all the petting and belly rubs I could get. I have been around other cats and some teenage children but have never seen a dog. I am sweet, affectionate and lovable and will be the perfect addition to your family. My adoption fee is only $55. Of course I have been neutered, given a rabies shot, update vaccination and treated for fleas too. Call 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754.


Shelter Manager’s note:  Izzy is a keeper.  As owners of the Blue Moon Cat Sanctuary, we literally have over 400 cats and kittens to chose from each year to keep as our own.  If we did not have as many personal cats of our own right now, we would keep Izzy in an instant.  Any new family will be thrilled with his super affectionate personality. 







Hello.  We’re Gandolff and Fred.  We’re litter-mates, best friends, buddies for life, and two peas in a pod.   We’re seven years old and have never been apart from each other.  We would love to stay with each other forever.   We are a little shy and timid, but that’s only because we have never been away from home before coming to the Blue Moon Sanctuary.  We are both very healthy, have no bad habits, don’t scratch, bite or miss the litter box.  We love attention, a soft bed to share with you, a couch to snuggle on and a warm family atmosphere.  Please find it in your heart to adopt us together.  Our special adoption fee is only $75 for both of us together.  Yes, we have both been neutered.  Please call 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754.    






Like all princesses, I want all your attention.  I want to be the only cat in the house.  That way I can be pampered, spoiled and treated like the special girl I am.  At only a year old, I have been spayed and am current with all my shots.  I’m also de clawed in front.  Just love me and spoil me and we’ll do fine together.  I may need a bit of time to become comfortable in my new palace but after a short time, you’ll find me affectionate, loving and a real snuggler.  My adoption fee is only $75.  Just call the princess here at 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754. 






My name is Frankie,  I’m less than a year old and one of the newer boys here at the Blue Moon Cat Sanctuary.  When I checked in here I was a little nervous but settled in after a few days of playing with my new friends.  You will absolutely love my medium/long gold hair.  It is so soft.  I have been neutered and have all updated rabies shots and vaccinations.  My adoption fee is only $55 with a call to 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754. 


 Ruby 4


Rare tortoiseshell poly-dactyl

Looking for bling?

So many people spend so much time looking for the perfect tortoiseshell.  Yes, we are known for being a little shy at first but after we warm up and feel comfortable we are the perfect family member.  Just to make me more special, I’m also a poly-dactyl or commonly known as a Hemingway Cat…after the author Ernest Hemingway.   He was known to make us his favorite cat.  I like to be indoors all the time and have not been around small children or dogs.  But I am very healthy, spayed, given a new rabies shot and FVRCP vaccination.  Call 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754.  My adoption fee is only $75. 


Gigi 4


Looking for the perfect and sweetest young girl around?  Look no further.  I’m the complete package: sweet, pretty, affectionate, well-behaved and clean.  At less that a year old, I have it all.  Yes, I have even been spayed, given a new rabies shot, FVRCP vaccination and even treated for fleas, ear mites and worms.  I just seem to have it all.  For the low adoption fee and a call to 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754 you can have it all too. 



tigger 3TIGGER



My name is PACO and that rhymes with TACO.

De clawed in front and back

I’m about nine years old and only lived with one family all my life.  But they had to move to a different city and couldn’t take me with them.  Naturally I was a little nervous when I first arrived here.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  But after a few days, I realized everyone here was very friendly and nice to me.  Now I’m happier than I have even been.  I like my new friends, my new shelter mommy and daddy too.  I’m an easy going boy who just loves some quality couch time.  Looking for a laid back boy?  I’m your guy.  I have been neutered and am up to date with my rabies shot and vaccinations.  I’m also de clawed.  For the low adoption fee of only $75, I can be your best friend.  Just call 479-677-3021 or 479-738-8754.


 Here I am getting some quality couch time.


Now I’m in my own soft bed with some toys getting ready for my afternoon nap. 


Afternoons at the Blue Moon Cat Shelter


Nap Time at the Blue Moon Cat Shelter

Now I lay me down to sleep,

I pray this easy life to keep.

I pray for toys that look like mice,

And sofa cushions, soft and nice.

I pray for gourmet kitty snacks,

And someone nice to scratch my back,

For windowsills all warm and bright,

For shadows to explore at night.

I pray I’ll always love to play

From morning ‘til the end of day,

And when the nightly treats are gone,

I pray for just another dawn.


 Arkansas Legislative Act 994 – 20-19-103 requires all kittens to be spayed or neutered after three months of age.





The End.

But check back soon for  new guests!