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  UPDATED: April 28, 2017

2,458 adoptions since opening our doors



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How great Thou art



Blue-eyed, lynx-point Siamese


My name is Mr. Jak, but my friends just call me Jak.  I’m everything you would ever want in a new fur-friend running around your home.  I get along perfectly with men, women, children of all ages, other cats and yes….even dogs.  I’m just that kind of guy.  I’m a lap-cat, bed-buddy and couch cushion, depending on the time of the day.  Whatever you’re looking for in a cat, I’m the answer.  I’m about 7 years old, very healthy, have no bad habits, am current with my rabies shot, vaccinations, flea treatment and de worming.   My low adoption fee is only $75 with a call to 479-677-3021 or 479-312-6858 



Blue-eyed, lynx-point Siamese

Other cats?  Yes.

Children?  Yes

Dogs?  Yes




Stereo purring sweethearts


We’re brother and sister, Howie and Josie. We’re only 1-1/2 years old and must be adopted as a pair,. We go together like apple pie and ice cream, peanut butter and jelly, and Oreo cookies and milk. Double your pleasure and double your fun while we both curl up on each side of you and purr our hearts out. We have been neutered and spayed and are totally current with all our shots, flea treatment and de worming.  Did I say we’re also both de clawed in front?  Our adoption fee for the two of us is only $150.  Call 479-312-6858 or 479-677-3021.



JOSIE awake

JOSIE sleeping

Other cats?  Sure.

Children?  OK.

Dogs?  Not in the same room with us please.




1 year old lynx-point Siamese.

I became lost and was wandering around the city of Mountain Home AR.  A mean animal hurt me but a very wonderful man named Matthew heard my cries for help.  He took me to the nice kitty doctor where I was treated and made better.  Now I’m here at the Blue Moon Cat sanctuary where I will stay until I find my forever home.  I’m a young lynx-point Siamese, about a yaer old, and have been neutered and am totally current with my rabies shot, vaccinations, flea treatment and de worming.  I am super sweet, gentle, playful and affectionate.  With the low adoption fee of only $75, what’s there not to love.  call 479-312-6858 or 479-677-3021.

Other cats?  OK

Children?  Maybe OK.

Dogs?  Not OK. 




Registered pure-bred Bengal Pixie-bob

My name is Marla,  I have a lot of wonderful things going for me.  First, I’m a registered pure-bred Bengal and was born near Kansas City Mo. about 2 years ago.  My bob-tail make me extra special.  But most importantly, I am sweet, affectionate, very well-mannered, loving and have no bad habits.  For the super low adoption fee of only $200 and a call to 479-312-6858 or 479-677-3021 I can be sleeping in your lap before the end of the day.  Yes, I have been spayed, and am up-to-date with my rabies shot, vaccinations, flea treatment and de worming.

Other cats?  OK

Children?  No too sure.

Dogs?  Never seen one.



Marbleized Bengal mix

My mommy died and went to Heaven to live with God.  As much as I loved her, I wasn’t quite ready in my life to make that kind of move.  So now I’m looking for a warm loving home to spend my life in.  I have been around a lot of other cats but never been around very young children or dogs.  I was named Elvis because I have a big mouth and can be very talkative at times.  I have also been neutered, am current with a rabies shot, FVRCP vaccination, flea treatment and de worming.  I am ready for the next new adventure in my life.  I’m about 4 or 5 years old and have no bad habits, love attention and enjoy being in the middle of family activity.  My adoption fee is only $60 if you call 479-677-3021 or 479-312-6858.

Other cats?  Of course.

Children?  I’d be OK with some older well behaved ones.

Dogs?  NO way  







No Adoption Fee!

Unusual lynx coat.

Do you know what I and the candy with the same name have in common?  We are both sweet.  But I have a lot more going for me than sweetness.  I love to play all the time.  Even at my age, I still like jumping at feather toys, chasing balls around the house, and being a part of the family fun and games.  I am a little shy and timid at first but wait till I warm up.  I’ll be all over you.  I have been neutered, tested negative for feline leukemia, am current with my rabies shot, vaccinations, flea treatment and de worming.  My adoption fee has been waived with a call to 479-677-3021 or 479-312-6858. 

Other cats?  Sure.

Children?  Yes.

Dogs?  Never seen one.



When I heard I was going to the Blue Moon Cat Sanctuary,  I thought I would be given an intake number and a cage assignment and forgotten about.  WOW was I wrong.  Here, I am called by my real name, held a lot, carried around and played with.  And there are no cages here.  I think that’s great.  because I am the kind of girl who loves to be where all the family activity is.  I love being held, sitting in your lap, and curling up next to you in bed at night.  I’m sweet, affectionate and one of the most loving girls to check in here in a long time.  I have been spayed, am current with my rabies shot, FVRCP vaccination, flea treatment and de worming.  Call 479-677-3021 or 479-312-6858.  My low adoption fee is only $60.

2 year old sweet girl


 Absolutely one of the best we have ever had!


The most talkative guest we have ever had. 

God wasn’t sure what colors I should be before I was born, so He gave me a few of all the beautiful colors He could find.  I have some tan, black, orange and and a touch of cream.  Now I have something for everyone.  Just for a little frosting on the cake, I also have a big mouth.   My new shelter mommy and daddy say I am probably the most talkative guest they have ever had here.  So go ahead and throw out your alarm clock.  I’m all you will need.  At only 4 years of age, I have been spayed, am current with my rabies shot, flea treatment, de worming and been checked over for ear mites.  My adoption fee is only $60 with a call to 479-677-3021 or 479-312-6858.     

Other cats?  Love them all.

Children?  Love them all.

Dogs?  Don’t love any of them.

Shelter Manager’s note:  Sweet Pea is an exceptional girl.  We cannot remember a more affectionate and out-going girl here at the Blue Moon.  She will not disappoint you. 


Patches and Twinkle Toes came to us unexpectedly from a Eastern Missouri breeder.  They are known as a Himalayan Persians.  Due to health concerns the breeding business is closing.  Unfortunately we are not able to provide registration papers, medical history or even ages of these stunning beauties.  We can tell you that Persians do require special care especially keeping their faces clean and coats brushed regularly.  From what we can see Patches and Twinkle Toes have  been exceptionally well cared for.  We are asking the unbelievably low adoption fee of only $125 each.  Call 479-677-3021 or 479-312-6858.





Other cats?  You bet.

Children?  No way.

Dogs?  No way.


Special needs



I need a pill (Azodyl) a day for my renal health.  

The rumors are all true about orange and white tabbies  We are the best.  We are know for our sweet and calm dispositions, friendliness, affectionate nature and loving personalities.   I prefer a quiet environment where I can be the center of all your attention.  In return, I will curl up in your lap and purr while you pamper me and hand-feed me my favorite treats.  I’m only about 3 years old, neutered and totally current with my new rabies shot, FVRCP vaccination, flea treatment and de worming medicine.   Looking for the best lap cat around?  There is NO adoption for Elmer.  Just call 479-312-6858 or 479-677-3021.  I can be all yours.







Here I am in my black wig.


So you like my sailor’s cap better?



I’m an outside kind of guy too.


Hello.  My name is Sparky.  I’m the type of boy that has something for everyone.  I’m so easy going that you can dress me up in your favorite costume, let me outside to keep the critters under control, or give me some quality lap time where you can spoil me and hand-feed my my favorite treats.   My favorite thing, however, is being in the middle of the family activity everyday.  I’m about 5 years old, neutered, very healthy and up-to-date with my rabies shot, vaccinations, flea treatment and de worming.  I am sooooo ready for your home.  My adoption fee has been waived if you call 479-677-3021 or 479-312-6858. 

Other cats?  OK

Children?  Probably be fine.

Dogs?  No way.




Registered pure-bred, rare white,Teddy Bear

2 years old

My friends here call me Maggie.  I was used by a Missouri breeder as a baby factory.  I had a lot of pretty kittens, but those baby-making days are literally behind me now.  I’m only 2 years old and am ready for the easy life of lap sitting, bed snuggling and being pampered and hand-fed my favorite treats.  Naturally I’m skittish, timid and shy from not being around people a lot.  The right family can change that if they are patient.  I am a two year old pure white registered pure-bred Teddy Bear.  Teddy Bears are a newly registered breed.  We are known for our slightly folded ears and wavy hair.  I have been spayed, am current with my rabies shot, FVRCP vaccinations, flea treatment and de worming.  My adoption fee is only $100.  Call 479-677-3021 or 479-312-6858.

Other cats?  I’m shy.

Children?  I’m shy.

Dogs?   Never.





Catch me and I’m yours



A Christian Valued Sanctuary



Afternoons at the Blue Moon Cat Shelter


Nap Time at the Blue Moon Cat Shelter

Now I lay me down to sleep,

I pray this easy life to keep.

I pray for toys that look like mice,

And sofa cushions, soft and nice.

I pray for gourmet kitty snacks,

And someone nice to scratch my back,

For windowsills all warm and bright,

For shadows to explore at night.

I pray I’ll always love to play

From morning ‘til the end of day,

And when the nightly treats are gone,

I pray for just another dawn.


 Arkansas Legislative Act 994 – 20-19-103 requires all kittens to be spayed or neutered after three months of age.





The End.

But check back soon for new guests!